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Welcome to the CarrieFriends Wiki

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Welcome to the CarrieFriends Wiki
CarrieFriends Wiki Discord Server
Welcome to the CarrieFriends Wiki!

The biggest wiki for everything related to "Hello Carrie"

CarrieFriends Wiki (you can also call it Carriepedia) is an encyclopedia about a Korean company named Carriesoft.

Currently, we have 160 articles, 1,106 edits, and 176 files since December 25, 2023.

We also have 35,004,586 users and 3 active users, with 3 of them being in charge of this wiki.

What is Carriesoft?

Carriesoft is Korean company founded in October 2014. It's main goal is to create kids content, as their pre-COVID-19 slogan, "Make Kids Happy"
Main Article: Carriesoft
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Wiki news
  • Wikitubia now has a page for Hello Carrie, as well this wiki being linked both to the page and the navigation on "Related Wikis", It can be visited here.
  • This is a fan-run wiki, we are not afflilated with Carriesoft, Mantisco, or NBros
  • Don't know where to start editing? Consult the policies and rules first
  • This is not a fanon wiki, which means the stuff on this wiki is official and has been seen on TV and YouTube.
Did you know...
  • ...that Momo's glasses lenses are eyes arent visible sometimes because of her shyness?
  • ...that Windows 10 is used as Carriesoft's design team's operating system? (as of the Behind The Scenes video was posted, possibly)
  • ...that Julie and Yuni are seen frequently on Carrie Design's wallpapers?
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